Monday, November 19, 2018

Outline of case: the employee refuses to be employed by another business unit. The proposal by the employer was fair in light of the circumstances of the case. The importance of the employer to transfer the worker outweighs the interest of the worker. Case An employee has been employed since January 1, 1989 when the [...]

Directors and commissioners in the general meeting of shareholders (AGM) as such have an advisory capacity. They should therefore be called to attend the AGM and get an opportunity to render their advice. If the directors do not get this opportunity, then a decision may be annulled. This is based upon previous rulings of the [...]

The case where the court in Utrecht, the Netherlands, ruled on March 31, 2010, involved the following. The company “Double You Culinary” entered into an agreement with “BSB” with regards to the supply of drinks for a large horse racing competition in 2008. BSB has made several deliveries to Double You Culinary, who were then [...]

The Supreme Court in the Kingdom of the Netherlands has formulated a set of rules on which can be judged whether a director could be held personally liable for the debts of the company. If a director enters into an obligation on behalf of the company, while he actually knew at that moment – at [...]